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2019, 2020 top window film dealer,
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Since 1985, Advanced Window Tint Co. has been protecting our client’s valued belongings and enhancing the comfort and efficiency of businesses, homes, automobiles and boats.

celebrating 36 years in business
celebrating 25 years in richmond, va

Advanced Tint is your local, 1st Place East Coast Tint Champions Voted Va's #1 Tint Shop

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Services We Offer

Automotive & Marine Window Tinting​

SunTek's offers a broad selection of automotive and marine tint products, each able to improve the look and performance of window glass in its own way. Select metal-free ceramic or carbon film technology to keep GPS, satellite radio and cellular phone signals free from interference.

Residential Window Tinting​

Suntek's solar films are a modern, view-preserving alternative to window treatments. They improve the performance of glass by tempering the effects of the sun: helping to block UV rays & the sun's heat, and creating a better environment for electronic screen use.

Commercial Window Tinting​

SunTek films are designed to address the diverse needs of commercial properties, tested for performance, and backed by a manufacturer’s limited warranty.* They apply innovative technology with a focus on flexibility and long-term results to ensure lasting satisfaction.
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Decorative Window Tinting​

White Matte, Black Out, White Out, Crystal and Low-ReflectiveDS™ Products SunTek specialty films range from subtle to dramatic, and can be used on smooth glass surfaces to decoratively enhance privacy.

Safety And Security Window Tinting​

Clear Safety, Safety + Solar and Anti-Graffiti Products Outsmart intruders, help reduce the severity of accidents, and thwart vandals with security-enhancing products designed to appear neutral or nearly invisible.

Our Clients

We have worked with hundreds people and companies. Check out our satisfied customers on our clients page.
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Advanced Window Tint Co. will be no less than industry leader in the window film business. We will provide fast and friendly service, competitive pricing, and unsurpassed products.

Above all we will show respect and appreciation for our customers, employees and shareholders.

Our goal is to offer window films with superior quality, clarity and longevity which are backed by long-term warranties. We will apply these films with an attitude of perfection and integrity and we will take pride in each and every installation.

We have the right film for nearly every need and will assist our clients in determining the right product for their individual application.

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